Commercial roofing is a slightly different beast than residential roofing. If you own a commercial building, this may be news to you, but your roof presents markedly different challenges in repair and replacement than a residential roof does.

This is particularly true if you have a flat roof on your commercial property. Flat roofs, while appearing to be more simple and straightforward than residential roofing, present a unique set of challenges which must be resolved in order to get the roof operational again.

When you contact us at SWAT Roofing Fort Worth for your commercial roofing repair needs, we come to the job ready to solve your problems. We are skilled in working with the various commercial roofing materials, such as:

• TPO membranes – Created with a special rubber component, TPO membrane roofs are a great combination of materials that lead to a durable and high-performance roof.

• PVC roofing – A PVC roof serves multiple roles. In addition to protecting your property from the elements, PVC roofing provides both insulation and sound-dampening. It is laid down on top of a traditional roof.
• EPDM roofing – An EPDM roof is made out of a single piece of membrane, meaning there are no seams where leaks can develop.
• Green roofing – Green roofs are roofs that have been designed to support the growth of certain plants on the top of the building. By combining multiple components, a green roof offers protection to the building and an aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

If you need hail damage or storm restoration for your commercial roof, SWAT Roofing Fort Worth is the company to call. Take a few moments and peruse our gallery of repairs and installations below.


We provide quality commercial roofing in not only the Dallas and Fort Worth area but also nationwide! The commercial roofing industry demands a specific set of skills to get the job done correctly. Whether you have a single or multi-ply roofing…