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Hail Damage And Storm Damage Repair In Fort Worth & Dallas


Owning your own home is the apex of the American dream. But it carries with it some hidden expenses (and hassles) that many people never consider until they have their own home. Among these hidden issues for homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is dealing with hail damage.

Hail damage to a residential roof can require anything from a small repair to a completely new roof. What’s more, the extent of hail damage may not be immediately clear to an untrained eye. That’s why you need hail damage and storm restoration professional to inspect your home after a hailstorm.

A hailstorm doesn't have to be severe to produce significant damage to a residential roof. Even if you think the storm wasn't severe, having a professional roof inspection can save you from costly repairs and expenses down the road.

Experienced In Storm Damage Inspection & Repair

At S.W.A.T. Roofing & Contracting, we have nearly two decades of in-depth experience in the roofing industry. We know all about residential roofing repairs, and we know what to look for after a hailstorm.

There is no shortage of companies that claim to be in the residential roofing replacement business. But very few, if any of them, can boast the strong record of customer satisfaction and quality work that we have. For this reason, if you think you may have suffered some residential roofing hail damage and want a contractor you can trust, give us a call to schedule a free inspection.

Storm restoration is not something that just anyone can do. Indeed, many homeowners have hired the cheapest outfit available in the aftermath of a storm, only to regret it down the road when the “repairs” turned out to be faulty and poorly done.

We are proud of our reputation for excellence, and we can’t wait for you to see why we have so many satisfied customers. Take a look at our gallery below of hail damage to residential homes we've encountered.