Synthetic Roofing


Synthetic Roof Underlayment is a popular choice for commercial roofing applications, and for good reason. Synthetic underlayment is extremely durable, the materials used to make this underlayment degrade at a much slower rate than traditional underlayment commonly used. This is a great benefit because the latest roofing materials available in the industry are able to last longer than they ever have before, so having an underlayment that will last as long as the shingles will save you money on future repairs or replacements. Synthetic underlayment is thinner and more lightweight when compared to its felt counterparts and in turn is easier to install. If your roof system is composed of a heavy or bulky type of shingle, synthetic underlayment is the correct choice because it is lightweight.

There are also other options available in synthetic roofing. Synthetic materials can replicate a wide range of roofing applications such as; asphalt shingles, concrete tile, clay tile, metal panels, wood shake, wood shingles and most popularly slate shingles. These materials typically weigh much less than their traditional equivalents. Synthetic slate is a commonly used synthetic option due to its beauty, durability, ease of installation and cost effectiveness. If you’re considering a synthetic roof covering for your commercial building or need an existed roof inspected and repaired contact us today. We are the commercial roofing leaders in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas and beyond! We look forward to working with you.