Foam Roofs


Foam or SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) roofing systems have proven to be extremely durable, long lasting and affordable. Upon proper installation and maintenance, they can last indefinitely. Foam roofing is a top choice that has been used is commercial construction for many decades and provides quite the impressive list of benefits to building owners across the nation. To name a few;

• Energy Efficiency - When compared to traditional roofing systems, spray foam provides superior insulation. This seamless application keeps energy locked in all the while eliminating thermal drift and aiding in better climate control within the building.

• Durability - Although lightweight, this roofing system can handle construction and foot traffic just as well as other systems used in commercial roofing. SPF roofing system withstand severe weather including high winds and tornados.

• Sustainability - Requiring little to virtually no upkeep they create little waste, as replacements are unnecessary depending on the installation and maintenance.

• Eliminates Ponding - By adding an extra layer of spray foam in low areas on the roof, ponding can be eliminated. Proper drainage and reducing the load factor caused by water accumulation is also accomplished by additional layers.